The Benefits of Socialism A Portrait of Progress

Frequently Asked Questions

  • About the Book
  • What’s inside? back to top
    Nothing. This book consists of 666 blank pages, every lovely one a poignant witness to the profoundness of leftist thought. Socialism is too deep to be expressed in mere words, it’s beyond words really.
  • All the inside pages are blank? back to top
  • Really? back to top
  • Who is A. Hunter Solomon? back to top
    A. Hunter Solomon was contracted to write The Benefits of Socialism. He is the noted author of Spend Yourself Rich, Domestic Terrorism for Fun and Profit, and Hello Sailor. Solomon is a noted alchemist and guest lecturer at Compton Upstairs Nighttime College. He has a cat named Socks.
  • How many pages are in the book? back to top
    There are 666 pages in this political satire book, but they were printed on 512 pages to save paper.
  • Shouldn’t a book with no words cost less to produce? Why is this book priced at standard rates? back to top
    I’m greedy. Plus it’s a “short-run” book and this costs a lot more per unit. If you order a few hundred copies, I’ll quote you a lower price (bulk orders here).
  • Is this book recyclable? back to top
    Yes. Probably. Everything’s recyclable if you wait long enough.
  • Is this book made with recycled paper? back to top
    Originally, of course, the paper in this book comes from trees. The process of making paper does vary a bit from country to country, but it typically consists of pulping, pressing and drying operations in several cycles. In this regard then, the paper in this book has been extensively recycled.
  • Isn’t this a waste of paper? back to top
    Our natural environment is a spectacle of wondrous beauty, a vast and striking landscape of cooperative harmony and incalculable splendor. We must always fight to protect our incredible natural world from people we don’t agree with. We must set stringent rules in place to prevent waste of resources, including paper. For the sake of the environment, we should no longer permit the wasteful publication of books not aligned with socialist principles. Nothing by Sarah Palin for instance, or Sowell or Beck, nor any of the classics not immediately supportive of leftist theory. The Constitution, obviously, and laws. The Bible. Any paper thing that’s irrelevant. It should be noted in this giddy plan of responsible environmental use that, like most regulations, the paper conservation rules do not apply to leftists.
  • Can this book bring world peace? back to top
    Yes. But the extent to which this book can bring world peace is a function of how many books we sell. So, how much peace do you really want? World peace begins here!
  • Who is the publisher of this book? back to top
    The Benefits of Socialism is published by 1580330 Alberta Inc. This is the name of a company, not a person. Though it would be an awfully peculiar name for a person. We affirm any primary caregivers who thought so independently as to name their pre-adult offspring thusly.
  • Is this publisher American? back to top
    Yes and no. First, this is clearly a question from here in the U.S. and we need to respectfully point out that there are other countries in the world and most of these are more responsible and socialist and therefore more valuable than the U.S. On behalf of the United States, please accept the apology of the American people for our bothersome existence. America is what’s wrong with America, and we can change that. Yes we can! Now, to your question:

    The publisher is an “American” publisher in the sense in which the company is headquartered in North America. As most leftists know, national borders aren’t particularly helpful to the goal of wealth redistribution, so the whole notion of nationality needs to change. We’re working on that too.
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  • Is the online transaction system secure? back to top
    Yes. All online payments are processed directly through a trusted SSL secured payment processor. We do not collect or store any credit card information in our system.
  • Is shipping free in the U.S.? back to top
    Yes. Shipping is free throughout the U.S.
  • Can I have my order shipped by courier? back to top
    No. All orders are shipped through the Postal Service. Were orders shipped by courier, there’d be a chance that non-union workers would be handling it. Can’t have that. (If you live outside the U.S. and Canada, we’ll make a grudging exception. Contact us for details)
  • Do you ship to Canada? back to top
    Yes. Free shipping throughout Canada.
  • Do you ship outside Canada and the U.S.? back to top
    Yes, but it's not free. Contact us for shipping rates internationally.
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    Yes. Contact us for a retail rate schedule.