The Benefits of Socialism A Portrait of Progress

Hark! The Voice of Instruction Speaks!

photo of Hunter Solomon
Dear friends, thank you for your interest in this significant book. I trust you will be as inspired reading it as I was researching and writing it. I invite you to post your thoughts on how terrific my book is, how profound and epoch-defining, how spiffy the cover art, and any other suitable and similarly fawning commentary. I am particularly interested in hearing good things about my book. Conservative "people" don't tend to say good things about truthish writing; your help in offsetting the comments of these "persons" is warmly appreciated. Comrades, this is a precedented opportunity! Let us be guided by our own moral chalkboards, gazing outward in condescension and inward in awe. Together we can build a beautiful echo chamber of mutual affirmation!

-A. Hunter Solomon