The Benefits of Socialism A Portrait of Progress

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The Benefits of Socialism: A Portrait of Progress
back cover
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A comprehensive itemization of leftist contributions to humanitarianism, prosperity, liberty and society filling 666 completely blank pages*
Socialism has been the dominant ideological persuasion throughout the course of human history. It is the one ideology whose beneficial prescription is always the same in every season, applicable in every circumstance, no matter what ails you. And as a blank canvas is more profound than a painted one, the benefits of socialism are often so profound as to be indiscernible to the more intellectually muddled members of society. The author has painted a deep and beautiful portrait, the blankness of each printed page speaking to the depth of leftist thought. It is depth beyond reason, beyond meaning. It is liberty in tyranny, order in chaos, growing prosperity in creeping destitution, words becoming actions, desire being change; it is a wholesale substitution of belligerent rhetorical rigidity for the progressive dynamism of wishful and purposeful thinking.

Written with a novelist’s appreciation of the richness of language and an economist’s grasp of history, Solomon explains away the popular misperceptions about socialism. He skillfully shows the fine lines between hurting and healing, earning and owing, and the trifling shades of grey dividing justice from genocide. Citing instance after instance of socialist contribution to the course of human progress, the author delivers a conclusive argument for socialist advancement. (Satire)
*512 pages (Note)